IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback

IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback

There are many conditions in which the brain “freezes” in a dysfunctional pattern. This can happen after a physical (ex traumatic brain injury), chemical (ex carbon monoxide, heavy metals, solvents, mold toxins), and/or a mental/emotional injury (ex PTSD).

After these disruptions, the brain isn’t always able to regulate itself and get back to normal. This results in the following symptoms and conditions:

IASIS is a passive form of neurofeedback that uses a small amount of electrical current to create a temporary fluctuation in brainwaves. This releases the brain from its dysfunctional patterns, like rebooting a frozen computer.

The great thing that sets IASIS MCN apart from other devices or “rewiring” modalities, is that the patient does not have to actively participate in the process. It’s non-invasive and only takes 30 minutes per session. You sit in a comfy chair and relax! There is no re-triggering of traumas or disorders like with other forms of neurofeedback. 

Another plus to IASIS, is that unlike other neurofeedback devices that can take 30-60 sessions for enduring results, IASIS only takes 10! Results have also been seen in just 1-3 sessions!!

How IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback Works

Through the above effects, IASIS MCN increases the amount of processing power or bandwidth that the brain has to work with. This means that patients who undergo treatment have better focus, less stress, breathe more deeply, and are able to engage with the world in more meaningful ways.

Microcurrent Neurofeedback vs Similar forms of Therapy

Patient Testimonial

I have had a lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression.  Testing with the Brain Gauge showed an underperforming prefrontal cortex, which I think is basically ADHD, which means poor focus, inability to complete or start tasks, emotional dysregulation etc. I’ve done EMDR and neurofeedback in the past with some okay results.  But the microcurrent treatments have been profoundly effective for me.  Especially with relief from ruminating on negative thoughts, which is like living under a dark cloud with a brain that wont turn off.  After the full series I felt calm and awake enough to actually handle my life! If I start to ruminate I can catch it and redirect my thoughts.  Totally life changing. ~ KP

IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback is easier and faster than other, similar forms of therapy. In its 10 years of use in medicine, 85% of patients notice improvements in their condition within 1-3 sessions with enduring sustainability being reached after only 10 sessions.

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If you would like a copy of the study done on the effects of IASIS MCN on patients with traumatic brain injuries, please email the office. You can also find the study here: https://microcurrentneurofeedback.com/.

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What our patients are saying...
Dr Evan was instrumental in helping my body find balance again! His ability to assess nerve conduction and improve has allowed me to walk with normal rhythm again and to reduce pain in my post op knee. I highly recommend him!
KC via Google
After multiple doctor visits, blood work and a CAT scan, my normal doctor was unable to help. With just talking to Dr Evan, he was able to identify my issue and suggest actions to correct it. Within days I was feeling better.
MM via Google