Acupuncture in Chandler AZ

Acupuncture in Chandler AZ

Looking for acupuncture in Chandler AZ?  Whether you are suffering from physical pain, mental/emotional stress, or chronic disease, acupuncture can improve the overall function of the body.  Acupuncture is the treatment of conditions by using needles to improve the flow of energy through the body. The needles are sterile and are only used once.  The needles have a very small diameter and if people do feel them, they only feel the initial poke and don't have any pain during the rest of the treatment.

Acupuncture does the following for the body:

  • Improves the flow of energy through the meridians of the body
  • Relaxes muscles in the case of trigger points, and improves blood flow
  • Increases parasympathetic tone, allowing the body to rest, digest, and heal.
  • Allows for the subconscious processing of mental/emotional stressors.

Acupuncture can be used to treat:

  • low back pain
  • headaches and migraines
  • high blood pressure
  • anxiety and depression
  • PTSD
  • osteoarthritis
  • allergies and autoimmune disease
  • acid reflux and digestive disorders
  • insomnia and other sleep issues

Acupuncture in Chandler AZ

With 12 main acupuncture meridians flowing through the fascia of the body, there are a lot of places where this flow can get hung up.  Systemically, these hangups can cause stagnation prior to the hangup and cause excess symptoms, like our red faced and easily angered hypertension patient.  In the opposite scenario, the disruption of flow to a specific meridian can cause deficiency symptoms, like our achy and dizzy hypertension patient. These hangups can be caused by spinal fixations, or extremity bones being out of place, disruption of the fascia by an injury or scar, piercings, trigger points, and broken bones.  So by using physical medicine techniques and restoring normal structural function, we can affect the acupuncture system.  Also, emotional stressors can affect the acupuncture meridians so using neuro-emotional technique, we can disconnect the emotional trigger from its effect on the acupuncture system.

Diagnosis in Acupuncture

Diagnosis relies on the appearance, temperament, and eating and sleeping patterns of the patient, as well as the physical exam and history. Consider the patient who comes in with a high blood pressure reading, irritability, red eyes and face, constipation, a bitter taste in their mouth, and is quick to anger.

In western medicine, the diagnosis would be hypertension after three separate hight blood pressure readings, and anti-hypertensive medications would be the treatment.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the diagnosis of liver fire rising.  With an understanding of how this pattern emerges in TCM, we can educate the patient about dietary changes or supplements to take stress off of the liver, dealing with anger issues via Neuro-Emotional Technique, and use acupuncture needles and herbal formulas to bring balance to the excess condition.

Another patient comes in with a high blood pressure reading, dizziness, ringing in the ears, low back achiness, night sweats, and a dry throat.  This patient would still receive the antihypertensive medication in allopathic medicine. In TCM, they would receive treatment with the goal of building fluids and their proper movement throughout the body.

So you can see, using Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis fits very well with Naturopathic Medicine because it gives us another, deeper perspective of the disease process.

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Dr Evan was instrumental in helping my body find balance again! His ability to assess nerve conduction and improve has allowed me to walk with normal rhythm again and to reduce pain in my post op knee. I highly recommend him!
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After multiple doctor visits, blood work and a CAT scan, my normal doctor was unable to help. With just talking to Dr Evan, he was able to identify my issue and suggest actions to correct it. Within days I was feeling better.
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