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Homeopathy was first used around 200 years ago and became popular in America in the 1900s, with Stanford University being among the educational institutions that taught it.

Philosophy and Application

The guiding principle of homeopathy is that like cures like. When poison ivy touches the skin, it creates a red and itchy rash. When a homeopathic preparation of poison ivy is given to a patient who has a red and itchy rash, the rash is cured. Homeo (from the greek same) pathy (from the greek pathos, meaning disease) essentially means treating the disease state with the same substance that has the potential to cause that very same disease state in a healthy person. For all intents and for out purpose, the two cancel each other out and health is restored.

Homeopathic Remedies, Homeopathic Medicine

This is very different to the alternative approach allopathy (from the greek allos meaning other and pathos, again, meaning disease). Modern medicine seeks to apply a therapy other than what the disease state is. This theory seems sound on the face of it, but if we look at the effects of modern medicine, we realize that it is a poor alternative. Suppressing the disease (or fighting, as is the case in the war on cancer) using drugs and/or surgery only serves to press the issue deeper, or prevent the body from dealing with it on its own. Both of these situations cause the same outcome. Side effects, which need to be treated with further drugs or surgeries in the modern medical system. Like sweeping dust under the rug, or stuffing an emotion, modern medicine delays and prevents cure with the promise of temporary comfort via alleviation of symptoms.

Homeopathic medicine is administered as diluted substance (any mineral, plant, or animal product can be used) carried by lactose pellets. This makes it very safe, non invasive, and palatable. Sometimes when the correct remedy is chosen, people have an exacerbation of their symptoms, or may even experience the return of an old symptom. This is not to be feared or aborted, it is a good thing. Healing happens from the top down (people feel mentally better first of all), inside out (with the internal organs first), and in reverse order of appearance of conditions.

Can Homeopathy help with your condition?

Homeopathy can be used to treat physical, mental/emotional, and metabolic conditions. The way that a remedy is chosen is by the sum total of all of the person’s symptoms, and this means that two people with a rash will not necessarily both be given a homeopathic preparation of poison ivy.  In conjunction with other naturopathic therapies like clinical nutrition, physical medicine, and acupuncture, and neuro-emotional technique it can be a powerful healing tool.

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Dr Evan was instrumental in helping my body find balance again! His ability to assess nerve conduction and improve has allowed me to walk with normal rhythm again and to reduce pain in my post op knee. I highly recommend him!
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After multiple doctor visits, blood work and a CAT scan, my normal doctor was unable to help. With just talking to Dr Evan, he was able to identify my issue and suggest actions to correct it. Within days I was feeling better.
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